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Dundonald Rocks Python

The Python in Moat Park has now reached an impressive 1000 rocks – and still counting! 

Dundonald Rocks launched the snake on the 16th May. It was immediately met with great enthusiasm from young and old alike and is a true community effort. Locals have been eager to get involved in any way they can. They do so by gathering, painting or counting the rocks as the snake continues to grow. Staff from the Eurospar at Ballyhackmore have jumped on board too by collecting and washing rocks, ensuring a ready supply near the head of the snake. Dundonald Rocks also has a rock library stationed in the Street Gallery of the Dundonald Art Corridor for rock painting enthusiasts.

The Python has become an exciting feature within Moat Park, even attracting attention from BBC NI. Incidentally, the Python reached 1000 rocks in the same week that Dundonald Art Corridor reached 1000 Facebook members! The snake continues to grow daily, bringing joy and interest to all those passing by. Each rock offers something unique whether that be colour, humour, beauty or a message of inspiration and encouragement.

How big do you think the snake will get?

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