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PositiviTree | ‘Leaf’ a message of hope


PositiviTree is based on an idea by Emma McManus, our Photographer in Residence. DAC painted a tree for the Poetry Wall in The Street Gallery and sent out the call. ‘Leaf’ a positive and inspiring thought! Then the intention was to turn these into a poem to finish our first year off and move into the next with a positive community spirit.

Sadly, the original Tree came to a watery end. However, after a newly installed tree we now have renewed PositiviTree. This inspired Colin Pidgeon to write a poem highlighting the parallels between PositiviTree’s journey and the year 2020! PositiviTree has now become a symbol of hope, persistence, renewal and resilience! What a great message to hold on to as we collectively move forward into another year.

You can find the PositiviTree in the Street Gallery on Church Road, Dundonald. 

Why not take a mindful moment to yourself during the run up to Christmas? Pause, write a positive message and share it on the tree. A simple way to spread some PositiviTree in the community this holiday season!

‘Leaf’ a little message of hope!

PositiviTree | by Colin Pidgeon

In a metaphor for 2020
The PositiviTree hasn’t given plenty
On its early promise
I wonder, what could be amiss?

It was painted with love
Man and girl, hand in glove
Who hoped to recapture
Lockdown/Fishtank rapture

But it is sad to say
PositiviTree washed away
As rain upon rain
Beat down again

But the Tree is renewed!
And should now be viewed
As hope is rekindled
That Covid will dwindle

Let us not despair
Enough of us care
For a future that’s brighter
So let’s hold on tighter

There are tough months ahead
Before Covid is put to bed.
It will doubtless reawaken
But we are not shaken
For, who are we?
We’re the DAC!
And we’ll keep our PositiviTree

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