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Little Posties Project

little posties project
Learn about our new collab: The Little Posties Project! And read Roy Kirkwood’s poem for some inspiration. 

Our friends at the Island Arts Centre in Lisburn have set us a challenge. Can Dundonald make this project work and spread a bit of hope and love?

The extension of lockdown into March is like a hammer blow for many people. So, here’s a really simple way to help our community help itself!

We would love to see loads of these cards being made and sent with love.
Maybe a neighbour who is locked in alone?

A relative in a care home without visiting?

And it’s not just for children! Grandparents are missing their hugs right now. So why not take part and send one to your little ones?

All you have to do is go to the link, download the cards, print them and then off you go! And please post your contributions on Facebook. We’ll share them with the Arts Centre and we can show them what we can do in Dundonald!

Colin Pidgeon

Share them with #postcardsofjoy #littleposties
And remember to tag Island-Arts Centre and Dundonald Art Corridor

Little Posties | by Roy Kirkwood
Poet in Residence at Dundonald Art Corridor

Send a little Postie to all you know
Send it now, love & hope to show
Don’t let Lockdown affect your health
Send a Postie, help community help itself
Little Posties are for everyone
Let’s make a list just for fun
The neighbour locked in with no phone
Someone in a care home, no visits so alone
Grandparents at whose heart we’ll tug
Missing their grandkids and a big hug
Mums & Dads their children are missing
Yearning & yearning for loving & kissing
School chums playing games in the playground
Teachers ensuring their knowledge is sound
Workmates with their banter & jokes
Working from home makes us sad blokes
Football chums with whom you train
BB & GB missing friends is a pain
Doctors & nurses risking their lives
ALL key workers helping us survive
ALL these & more deserve a wee Postie
They need outside contact more than mostie
So get a wee Postie & write your name
Tell them life without them isn’t the same
Let them know that they’ve got a friend
That you’ll see them at Lockdown end
Remember it’s One for All and All for One
Send a Postie, this Community effort let’s get it done

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