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‘The 96’ | Poem | by Roy Kirkwood

96 poem by roy kirkwood

‘The 96’ is a poem by Roy Kirkwood, Dundonald poet. Roy is Poet in Residence for the Dundonald Art Corridor (DAC), a community street art project in Northern Ireland. As Poet in Residence, Roy is on a mission to discover Northern Irish poets and showcase their poetry.

The 96 | Poem | by Roy Kirkwood

32 years ago today
Thousands went to watch the Reds play
Off to Sheffield they did roam
But 96 never came home
32 years we’ve fought to achieve
To have Truth, make people believe
Endless attempts, lots of pain
But we had to do it for Leppings Lane
A Group formed to lead the fight
To have that terrible wrong put right
Outside Liverpool no one cared
Nothing but obstacles cos they were scared
That day changed ALL who were there
Scarred hurting souls everywhere
Repressed anger kept in check
The Injustice many lives did wreck
The fight for Justice often mocked
Such terrible abuse, you’d be shocked
Lies told to ensure jobs preserved
Some said we got what we deserved
32 years later Authorities still ignore
No one expects Justice anymore
People have died without Truth seeing
But they’d tried with every part of their being
32 years now the Group has ended
Moving on is what is intended
Families, Survivors, the City too
No guilt in trying to start anew
They ALL deserve peace in their lives
Trying to ensure each one survives
Memories of that Day with their futures mix
But they’ll never forget THE 96
So Walk on you’ve fought the fight
Walk on you’ve put the wrong right
THE 96 will be with us forever
Always in our hearts — ALONE NEVER

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Roy Kirkwood
Dundonald Art Corridor

Poet in Residence

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