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Friendship paintings – By Rosie Pidgeon

These friendship paintings are simple ideas to do with your best friend or friends. For these paintings you will need paint, a canvas, masking tape/tape, felt tip pen and your friends.

These paintings are ideal for pupils who are moving schools like P7 students who may not be able to see their friends as often when attending different schools.

Step 1

Stick a strip of masking tape along the middle of your canvas ensuring the ends are fully stuck down.

Step 2

Paint your hand with their chosen colour. Make sure you cover it completely with paint.

Step 3

Press your hand firmly onto the canvas. Pushing with the other hand to ensure that the whole handprint is transferred onto the canvas.

Step 4

Remove your hand from the canvas being careful not to ruin the pattern. Repeat this with your friend/friends’ hands using different colours and different placements on the canvas.

Step 5

Leave the paint to dry when all the handprints are complete. Once dry, remove the tape from the canvas. This should create a line through the design with no paint.

Step 6

Write whatever you want in this line. You can choose something that is special or meaningful to you and your friends, for example, your names and a movie quote or a date.



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