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Pop-up Father’s day card – By Rosie Pidgeon

This craft is a simple but fun way to make a Father’s day card that your dad will love. You will only need two different coloured pieces of card, scissors and coloured pens.

Step 1

Fold both the pieces of card in half then use the template to either copy or print the card design onto one of the pieces of card.

Step 2

Cut the lettering along the solid lines of the template and folding the dotted lines. This will allow the letters to stand up when folded up.


Step 3

Cut the inner card (with the lettering) so that it is smaller than the outer card. You could carefully cut it in waves or in zigzags.

Step 4

Glue the inner card to the outer card ensuring that you don’t glue down the letters.

Step 5

Decorate the card however you want. You could draw a picture of you and your dad doing your favourite activity or write him a little message.

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