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The Dundonald Art Corridor is a community project launched by a ‘crowd’ of 800 locals in just 100 days (from idea) with no external funding – purely local volunteers, local donations and goodwill.

It was started by local resident Colin Pidgeon, who has lived on the site of the DAC for 15 years. Fed up with the sliding decline of the area and the loss of “The Village”, he wanted to brighten the area up and bring back the village for his family and neighbours. So he came up with this mad idea, ran it by a few others and said ‘Join me! Help me bring the village back to life’. And they did. In big numbers. The rest, as they say, is history…

It is a curated street gallery of 10 walls, 21 ‘frames’ for pieces, 1 indoor exhibition, 4 annual art events, 1 art festival (May), 1 Artist in residence, 1 Poet in Residence, 1 Photographer in Residence, Poetry Wall, Disability & special needs art. Fully wheelchair accessible and in a space no more than 200 metres (650 feet) end to end with no major inclines, it is accessible to all any time of the day for free. Most pieces stay up for 3 months, however, some of the bigger pieces stay up for 6 months. All pieces can be bought so that you can collect anything you like whilst helping to support Northern Irish artists.

We want jobs, skill creation and opportunities for our children, facilitated through: Dundonald Young Poet & Young Artist Awards, Dundonald Photographers and other groups & events.

6 miles East of Belfast straight up the Newtownards Road:


No Government funding, we got this off the ground in just 100 days with goodwill, a few donations and the hard graft of locals who wanted to see it happen. Proof that people can work together to make good things happen – #loveDUNDONALD! Our list of local heroes is below – thank you every single one of you…

A1 Accounting, Andrews and Gregg, Tanning Emporium, Motoparts, Asda, Lidl, The Grand Opera House, Decorators Touch, St Elizabeths Church, The Church on the Green, Dundonald Nurseries, Manna (Foodbank), Sam Baird, The Principals and other staff at Dundonald High School, Dundonald Primary School, Tor Bank, Longstone, and Dundonald Nursery Unit, The NI Assemby Commission, Gertrude Star, St John’s Court Coffee House, Event Sec, The Ards Chronicle…

Quite a number of volunteers, people who donated to help pay for the insurance, and donated paint.

Thank you guys!