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On this page you can find the list of current exhibits on the Dundonald Art Corridor and access previous exhibits. We are always looking for new exhibitions so don’t be shy, no matter what standard you are (this is a community art project – all about giving people opportunities and enabling people to express themselves) – please get in touch.

Standalone Pieces

Shutters & The Box are 2 standalone pieces on the Dundonald Art Corridor on the Newtownards Road.


Amateur artist Colin Pidgeon, of Pidgeon Paints, exhibited at the Backwall Gallery. Find out more about Colin’s pieces or connect with him here:

John Campbell, Backwall Gallery

Exhibition: “A Life In Pastels”

It was a mixture of images depicting childhood, old age, and working. I work mainly in pastels but also graphite pencil.

Contact via my Facebook page John Campbell Artist

Our mystery ‘Banksy’

One day a mystery Banksy type artist appeared on the DAC. Every now and then he/she adds items to their collection. The main character is the little Banksy girl who we have called Daisy who has popped up in various places, to the delight of local children who look out for them, and residents who have taken her to their heart.

banksy dundonald

DAC Fish Tank | Corona Isolation Collaboration | Street Gallery

DAC Window Art Exhibition | Corona Isolation Art Collaboration