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Dundonald Rocks

Join the ‘Rock’ movement!! – join Dundonald Rocks Facebook page. Fantastic fun for the family. If you don’t have any rocks but want to give it a go then head to The Gallery in Church Road on the Dundonald Art Corridor to our official rock garden (see below) and join our rock movement… 🙂

The official DundonaldRocks, rock garden at the Street Gallery on Church Road.

The aim is to have a constant supply of painted rocks for those who can’t or don’t have the opportunity to do so, or if you are out and about with the kiddies and forget to bring your rocks with you.

Hope it gets put to good use!

Enjoy everyone!


1. Rocks – any size, any shape, the choice is yours!
2. Sharpies, paints, nail varnish, marker pens or even pencils
3. Yacht varnish or spray varnish
4. Your imagination!

You can decorate your rock whatever way you like, if you want to stick embellishments on, these are best hidden indoors because first and foremost they play havoc with the wildlife and with our Northern Ireland weather they will not last very long. So if you HAVE to use embellishments, keep these as indoor hidden rocks.

You can start designing your rock straight away or you can put a base coat on your rock first. You can choose anything from a tester pot of emulsion (B&Q, Homebase and the like), acrylic paint, paint spray etc.

Weatherproofing your rock, you can use a varnish. A perfect yacht varnish can be bought in Poundland and will not break the bank. You can use a spray varnish, the benefit being, it dries a lot quicker. If you are using permanent markers or acrylic paints it is always advisable to give them a quick coat of varnish so that they will last even longer.

So let’s get ROCKING!!

Join Dundonald Rocks here >>