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If you are media looking to run a piece on the Dundonald Art Corridor or you would like to do a feature on one of our artists or projects – first up we’re very grateful that you’ve taken an interest – secondly you can get hold of us on The founder of the DAC is Colin Pidgeon who is happy to provide comment or if you’d like to pop down and take a look, can arrange to meet you and give you a tour.

Bear in mind that Colin, like most people attached to the DAC, works full time in a job and so may not get back to you straight away. If you’d like a tour during work hours we have a number of volunteers who are retired and so can always accommodate you.

The DAC project isn’t funded by Government – it has been set up entirely by goodwill, crowd-funding, fundraising events and a few donations from local businesses – we’re all volunteers who work very hard and so any media attention you can give us we are very grateful for! Thank you…