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Keith Hayes

Keith Hayes

~ Community artist

~ Dad

~ Handyman

~ Experimentalist

I’m a community artist, which means I don’t do art for money. I swap it – for donations to charity, materials I need to make things, opportunities for others. I love making, painting, sketching and keeping myself busy being creative. To know that some people like what I do and want to hang it on their wall, well that’s a bonus!

Keith Hayes #KREATIONS

I like to think I can make something out of anything I find. I call them my #KREATIONS. Every #KREATION is unique, all have a story or a meaning behind them. If you have keepsakes or items that mean a lot to you that you would like me to turn into something, get in touch. I love a challenge!

Fairy House - given to the Young Dundonald Artists to finish off
Mr Pringle - Made from an old box of Pringles. Great to bring him to life!
Play "Where's Wally" in real life
Wheel rim fire pit - for petrol heads!
Hot tub surround
Custom bike frame

Keith Hayes | Artist | Pieces

Keith was one of our first live artists in The Street Gallery | Church Road.

One of Keith’s famous giraffes, a favourite with our younger visitors (and quite a few old ones too!) exhibited on the DAC. Keith sold it and donated the funds back into the DAC project. Thanks Keith!


Keith is a Community Artist which means he doesn’t accept money for his pieces. He will make a deal with you for the piece – either a donation to a cause, an opportunity for  a person or an investment in materials for future projects. We think it’s a pretty cool way of doing things. Contact him or follow him here.


On the DAC this is our hashtag for Keith. Unknown to many, Keith is the unstoppable force without whom the DAC project would be a fraction of what it is today. Keith has donated countless hours of his time to making frames, hanging pictures, painting walls … donating also the materials and his endless energy. A modest man he does it without thanks and shies away from recognition, so this is our place to say ‘Thank you Keith’. You’re amazing. #loveKEITH