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Cicely White

Cicely White | Writer

Cicely came to our attention during the Covid19 Coronavirus isolation. She kindly volunteered to do a collaboration with young Jack Hunter, a series of Isolation Diaries. The idea was to see isolation through the eyes of young and older members of our community. The diaries were fantastic to read and a lovely memento of this historical time. Cicely wrote under a pseudo name ‘Ann’ and in her last piece revealed her identity and wrote a very thoughtful piece – a letter to her future grandchildren.

Ann | My lockdown diaries
Cicely has been sheltering at home for several months to help protect herself and her shielding husband from the Covid-19 virus.  When Lockdown rules were at their most stringent, Cicely wrote weekly updates for our online Lockdown Diary under the pseudo name ‘Ann’.  Today Cicely reveals her true identity in her final lockdown piece – a letter to her grandchildren.