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Young Poets

Young Dundonald Poets is both a group and a project attached to the English Department of Dundonald High School, but also a collaboration of any young writers and Poets in Dundonald under 18. The idea is that we bring young people together in a way that interests them, not shows them that they are different.

There is an annual competition where we crown young poets from each age group. The Young Poets also have slots given to them on the Poetry Wall on the Dundonald Art Corridor which they can do with what they like. Their only remit is to test ideas, challenge and express themselves and to make a statement. They will also run their own exhibitions, create interesting collaborations and hopefully surprise us with a bit of poetic disruption.

Please support them by turning up to their events, buying pieces you like and sharing digitally and encouraging with comments when given the opportunity.

Jack's poem on a Steven Reid photo - kindly created and given to Jack by Steven as part of the prize
Jack signing his poem
Jack's poem can now be seen on the Poetry Wall in Poetry Corner of The Gallery on Church Road. Northern Ireland's first Poet Laureate, Sinead Morrissey commented that it was 'a poem full of energy & detail'. We agree, a worthy winner and one to watch