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Young Techies

Young Dundonald Techies is both a group and a project attached to the ICT / Computer Science Department of Dundonald High School, but also a collaboration of any young techies in Dundonald under 18. The idea is that we bring young people together in a way that interests them, not shows them that they are different.

The Dundonald Art Corridor has a substantial digital footprint, this site being one part of that (NB it has been built by a 15 year old). Opportunities will be presented to youngsters to work on the site and some of the related projects such as the Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality and app that are planned. The DAC project is their playground, a real-life project to test their ideas and to gather experience on.

Please support them by turning up to their events, buying pieces you like and sharing digitally and encouraging with comments when given the opportunity.